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Medical Injury Help

Every year people trust medical devices and medication to fix their health conditions. Doctors put their trust in the pharmaceutical companies to ensure that their products and medications are safe. If a person is injured by a harmful drug or faulty medical device they may be able to file a lawsuit against the company that made them.


A person may be able to get compensation for their injuries if they file a product liability lawsuit. This lawsuit is against the manufacturer, the distribution company, and even the marketers. If many consumers have been injured they may file a class action lawsuit. 

A dangerous drug may have hurt thousands of people. They can also file for compensation. In this case federal courts may consolidate prosecution on these cases. They need to go through a pretrial to see if there is enough evidence to show the drug is liable for the injuries. If there is than the court can seek compensation for the victims.


Every year there are a number of recalls on unsafe drugs and medical devices. In 2012 there were around 500 recalls in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2013 there were 1,200 recalls and in 2014 the recall of drugs and devices reached 800. A drug can be recalled if it puts a person at a serious health risk. It can also be recalled if it has already caused a great deal of damage. 
When a person is injured or suffers serious side effects that were not mention when using a prescription medication or a medical device they are able to seek compensation. The compensation can include additional medical expenses as well as pain and suffering.


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